Sunday, April 7, 2013


Rooting Tec no N7 is very easy. All you have to do is have access to a computer, unlockroot downloader, usb or data cable and your phone.

Procedures to follow to root your Tecno N7

1) Download and install unlockroot on your computer.
2) Plugin your usb or data cable to both your Tecno N7 phone and computer.
3) Put your phone in USB DEBUGGING MODE.
4) Open unlock root on your pc and select ypur phone (Tecno N7)

Congratulation your Tecno N7 is now rooted!


  1. Pls the is no more working on my tecno p3 and am usin mtn.what will I do pls hlp me out

  2. I advice you to visit my original post on using MTN bis on Android phone. I will update the original post later today on how to use bis subscription on your phone but first download and install tun.ko and droidvpn from google play store respectively. Create a free account with droidvpn. Download and install busybox and lastly your phone must be rooted. Anyway, if you mange to download and install all this. Go droidvpn setting choose 'icmp' as connection type and you are good to go. Manage this until I make a full tutorial.

  3. Good stuff.For rooting other devices like qmobile a8,tecno p3 and tecno m7 you may visit