Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Titanium Backup is describe as the most powerful backup tool on Android, and I must also add unique because of it's other capabilities.
You can backup, restore, freeze (with Pro) your apps + data. You can use it to backup and restore your phone system app and user apps and also their data.
Download and install titanium backup


After downloading and installing titanium backup; open it and click on the backup and restore tab on the top of the application.
Before I go further. Here is a little info of how titanium backup up help to solve low memory issue.
Titanium backup has the ability to backup and restore your apps apps and data specially.
The question is how does titanium backup backup and restore apps and data specially
Titanium backup saves all your backup app and data to it's own isolated folder (TitaniumBackup) in the root of your memory card for future backing up, restoring and updating in the .Gdz and .properties file extension for app and data respectively.
Which makes it unique from other backup apps

This method of using titanium backup to solve low memory issues is actually old and outdated as it was very effective with old gingerbread and lower end Android devices.

Why is it effective for tecno N3 Android?

It's no news that tecno n3 has a relatively small user accessible internal memory (170 mb) and after downloading and installing a number of apps one will begin to get the memory low warning sound.
Now,  with titanium backup backup and restore option you can backup your system and user apps and data and restore them at a future date.

How does this feature help solve low memory issue with tecno n3?

Titanium backup unique feature that helps you solve low memory issues is that it enables you to backup an app and it's data or only an apps data before uninstalling the app to save up your valuable internal memory space.
Let's take a look @ this next screen shot

The yellow smiley icon @ the side of those apps indicate that the apps are backed up, those with red names are system apps, apps with lines in the other screenshot are uninstalled and backed up apps can be installed when necessary.
So titanium backup helps to solve tecno n3 low memory problem by uninstalling, keeping seldom used apps and their data in an isolated location and restoring them when necessary.
Now with titanium backup, you can backup and uninstall apps and their datas that you don't use frequently which in turn increases your phone memory
But you can get the free version from google play
Locate the app you want to uninstall (dx toolbox)

2nd screenshot

Click or tap the app name on your screen and the the titanium backup app backup properties window will pop up
You can also backup apps in batch mode. That is were you select more than one application to backup at a time. These saves a lot of time.

3Rd screenshot

Comes up if the app is currently running. Tap or select ok.

4th screenshot

Select or tap on backup.

5th screenshot

6th screenshot

Select the app and uninstall

Backing up of ROM toolbox.
I didn't save the screenshot for dx toolbox thats why i used that of rom toolbox for reference

7th screenshot

Uninstalling ROM toolbox using the same method as used for Dx Toolbox

8th screenshot

New memory status after uninstalling Dx Toolbox and ROM Toolbox!

To restore app
Open titanium backup, click or tap on the Backup / Restore tab, scroll down to the portion where you have uninstalled app and click on the app.

 Tap or select "App+Data

 Tap or select install and allow to install and restore data.

 Thats alll.


  1. Good one!


    1. Thanks! kindly share this article for others to benefit from.

  2. I want all my applications on my n3 to run without any memory warning, is this gonna work for me. If i cant use any application i backup, then its of no use

  3. With this method you can run all or almost all your essential apps without the memory warning. it's all down to management. How can you manage the apps you have or use. this method is meant for you to install as many apps as you need but to leave those you just can't do without daily and backup and uinistall the ones you don't neccesssarily use only to reinstall with its data it whe you need it. The catch is that when you reinstall an app you backed up you reintall, it at the state it was unistalled i.e like it was never unistalled.

  4. is there any other way I can upgrade my rom. pls I need help. pls send me a mail. madosegy2k@yahoo.com ,pls am using tecno p3.thanks