Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Are you having problems while trying to root your Tecno N3? If yes then this post is for you.
Most of the time a lot of people find it difficult very difficult to root their Tecno N3 andriod phone most especially new users and i must admit that rooting andriod phones using this method has never really being easy for some users as some phones do not just get rooted easily unlike others that will get rooted after a few attempts.

Before i proceed,i will like to share two peculiar tecno n3 andriod phones rooting experiences i have had. The first is my personal rooting experiences. I currently have a tecno N3 phone and have successfully rooted it four times and i can tell you that non as actually being easier as it took me countless attempts over two days to succeed. The other three rootings also took my time but was not as much as the prior as i began to develop some sort of understanding of what i have being doing wrong.

The second experience i will like to share is on rooting a friends tecno N3 andriod phone. i have successfully rooted that particular phone twice easily in less than five minutes the first time the only challenge i had was updating QT libraries which would not have being an issue if the network reception was very good while the second was after the third attempt and the reason he brought it back was because he rebooted it from the recovery menu.

So you see that some Tecno N3 phones are easier to root than others. Lets go back to the topic of discussion.

Here are a few tips to make rooting easier:
  • Be patient with Qt library updating and if you are sure it has stopped then close the application and start updating again.
  • Remove your memory card if you have applications that load on start up as these bring up "a daemon materialized error"or just remove it simple.
  • Ensure that USB debugging, install from unknown source and allow mock location are enabled else you would be wasting your precious effort.
  • Quickly go to the poot application to reduce "a daemon materialized error" which is the most annoying errors as it require you switch off and on your phone to try again.
  • The best way to turn or switch off your phone is to take out your battery although you do that at your own risk.
  • Don't check your message, or call log, before opening poot but you can check, if you get "a daemon materialized error".
  • Download and install root checker and super user and always try to install super user anytime you get the three buttons appear.
The most important of all these tips is that you have to download and install super user and  root checker because your phone may just be like mine that will never restart when rooting is successful so after getting "a daemon materialized error" go to your menu and open super user.
If super user opens then congratulations cause your phone is Now rooted. Open Root checker and click on "Verify root access".
You can also check how to root tecno n3.
If you have any question or have any observation kindly leave a comment.


  1. what about Q1 rooting procedure?

  2. what about Q1 rooting procedure?

    i will publish that soon. Yet to verify the process myself as being the reason why it's not here already.

  3. you can get q1 rooting procedures from this link

  4. Pls I'm a new be on adriod phone,please what is rootin,portin and̲̅ other words mean,,,,,,and̲̅ what is th reson for rootin?

    1. i will get back to you via email later but before the keep checking for updates.

  5. Hy pals (admin). Can some1 upgrade the p3 andorid 2 ios to 4.x version

    1. No, you can't upgrade it cause of so many hardware limitations.

  6. hello, can someone upgrade tecno n3s to OS 3.5 ?

  7. Pls each time I try to download and install apps on my p3 it keeps saying "low memory space" tho the phone's internal memory is low but I have an 8gig m.card inside to compliment dat. Please wat do I do

    1. You just have to install only apps you essentially need and change your phone install location to memory card but that will not solve the problem as some portion of the app data are stored in the phone memory.

  8. Thanks for the post. I’ve had my phone rooted for a couple months now and will admit that I didn’t realize some of these security implications. I’m also not really sure what apps I’ve granted the “always allow” access.

  9. i hav tried rooting my phone times without number, but after reading this, one trial and boom "Congrats you have root access" - i finally get there. Thanx a million! now i can partition my SD card for optimum application usage
    U too gbaski!

  10. i receive error code 87 su binary was not written

  11. My phone locked because of too many attempts to open. What should I do to unlock it? Tecno P3

  12. was rooting my htc one x gsm
    did something wrong
    now its stuck on start screen
    please gimme a solution
    i forgot to make any back of rom or data

    1. Hello, kindly follow the steps below.
      Download and install HTC sync mananger to get your phone drivers.
      Power of your phone and put it in bootloader mode by powering down and the holding the power key and volume down key at the same time until the phone boots into bootloader..
      Write down or take note of the HBOOT and radio address i.e firmware address.
      Download your phone ruu file from here.
      Hold "CTRL + F" and input your phone hboot address.
      Take not of the size and download.
      You can also download any update if available.
      Install downloaded ruu file on your desktop and run.
      Connect the phone to the computer.
      Run the RUU exe file and follow the prompts
      Allow to finish installing.
      your phone should come up.
      Hope to get your feedback.