Wednesday, July 31, 2013


How to install Clockworkmod recovery

This tutorial is divided in to two parts and they are:
1. How to install Clockworkmod custom recovery and;
2. How to load Clockworkmod custom recovery.

To install Clockworkmod recovery on your tecno N3 and P3 you your phone must be rooted!

Requirement are as follows:
1. your rooted Tecno N3 & Tecno P3.
2. Superuser apllication.
3. Download Mobileuncle and Clockworkmod recovery image and update.
4. Any file mananger capable of extracting.
5. Your brain and this tutorial.

For rooting Tecno N3 click here & Tecno P3 click here

How to install Clockworkmod recovery

1. Download Mobileuncle and Clockworkmod recovery image and from here.
2. Download and install superuser from here but if you already have superuser installed skip this steps.
3. Extract recovery.img and to the root of your memory card.
4. Install Mobileuncle.
5. launch or open Superuser, click or tap  on the spanner icon to goto settings - Automatic response and select prompt.
6. Close Superuser, launch or open Mobileuncle.
7. Superuser will pop up, select allow to grant Mobileuncle superuser access and Mobileuncle will open.
8. Select "recovery Update" in Mobileuncle and then select "recovery.img".
9. A dialog box will pop up to verify if you are sure to flash recoverey!
10. Select "ok".
11. And then select "cancel" when asked to reboot to recovery mode.
12. Congratulations you have successfully installed Clockworkmod custom recovery.

Now follow the procedures below to load Clockworkmod recovery.

How to load Clockworkmod custom recovery

1. Switch or turn your phone off.
2. Hold volume on  button and switch or power on your phone without letting go of the volume on betton untill (10-15 secs) recovery mode loads up.
3. Clockworkmod recovery will load up in 4 portions of the screen with pink and green text (Don't get confused and move to the next step).
4. Now enable back button by pressing Vol up, vol down, vol up button quickly and if this does not work just press random vol up and down button till it is enabled but this will make you use your initiative for the next step.
5. Now press the vol down button (5 times) till it gets to "install zip from sd card" on the 3rd & 4th portion of the screen and press the power button to select.
6. Scroll down using the vol down button once to get to "apply /sdcard/" and press the power button to select.
7. Scroll down by pressing the vol down button (7 times) till it gets to "Yes - Install /sdcard/update" 3rd & 4th portion of the screen and press the power button to select.
9. Clockworkmod recovery will appear in a single screen with a black background and text in blue.
10. Congratulations you have successfully loaded Clockworkmod custom recovery and you can now backup and restore your rom, Partition your sd card, install custom roms, etc.

This tutorial was written originally by I based on my own first hand experience but inspired by the work of others. I commend the effort of those who ported ClockworkMOD Recovery to Tecno N3 & P3 and just like matter knowledge can be transformed into different forms.
I welcome suggestions and observations and will be pleased to get your feedback.


  1. I am Ibawon
    Bro the step worked fine for me
    you are the best.
    pls can i install cynogen mod on my tecno n3 now?

    1. Congrats! You can't install cyanogen mod but a working cyanogen ROM for n3 or p3 will be available soon.

  2. Pls will it format my memory card or brick my fone.....

    1. Thanks for the comment! The above method will neither brick your phone nor will it format your memory card.
      Thanks once again!

  3. Pls Brother can you show me how to do this on my 'tecno phantom A" AKA Tecno F7. and also i need a right custom for it. thank you.

  4. Please is there any available method for tecno N7

  5. nice post. but pls Is help us out woth d clockworkmod recovery for n7. really need it. and we Appreciate all u'v done

  6. Please help me.everything worked on my tecno p3 but it cant boot in recovery mode again...please help me

  7. hello there... I guess this is the only blog that can help me out... My tecno p3 touch pad waz faulty due to water, so the new touch pad i got didnt have room for a front cam... After fixing everytin nd turnin on d phone, i found out the camera was stuck on front(whc is coverd) and the option to switch to back was no longer available... Plz wat do i do... I tried restoring the phone but its still the same...

  8. @Poster...thanks for this post...but, I tried to apply this tutorial on my tecno phantom f7 after rooting it with the method on this website .

    But after installing he clockworkmod, it didn't work coz it didn't boot into recovery. Is there any other tutorial on how to do this on phantom?

  9. Hello I just want to know how to back up my current rom on my Techno p3 after the finished with the process above.