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This tutorial is divided in to two parts:
1. Partitioning your sd card with clockworkmod and;
2. Linking your apps with link2sd.

Before you can carry out steps in this tutorial your Tecno n3 or p3 has to be rooted!
Requirement are:

1. A pc or laptop and a compactible or your original usb cable to backup your data.
2. Your rooted Tecno N3 & Tecno P3.
3. Clockworkmod recovery.
4. A PC or laptop.
5. Your brain and this tutorial.

For rooting Tecno N3 click here here & Tecno P3 click here.

How to install Clockworkmod recovery click here.

Note:Before carrying out the procedures below you have to back up all your data or files especially the folder ".android_secure" on your memory card to your pc as you will definately loss them all during partitioning. 

1. Switch or turn your phone off.
2. Hold volume on  button and switch or power on your phone without letting go of the volume on betton untill (10-15 secs) recovery mode loads up.
3. Clockworkmod recovery will load up in 4 portions of the screen with pink and green text (Don't get confused and move to the next step).
4. Now enable back button by pressing Vol up, vol down, vol up button quickly and if this does not work just press random vol up and down button till it is enabled but this will make you use your initiative for the next step.
5. Now press the vol down button (5 times) till it gets to "install zip from sd card" on the 3rd & 4th portion of the screen and press the power button to select.
6. Scroll down using the vol down button once to get to "apply /sdcard/" and press the power button to select.
7. Scroll down by pressing the vol down button (7 times) till it gets to "Yes - Install /sdcard/update" 3rd & 4th portion of the screen and press the power button to select.
9. Clockworkmod recovery will appear in a single screen with a black background and text in blue.
10. Scroll down with the vol down button to advance and select with the power button.
11. Scroll down with the vol down button to "Partition SD Card" and select with the power button.
12. Scroll down and select "1024M" as your Ext Size i.e "EXT4=1024MB" for "APPS2SD" and select "256M" as swap Size but you can reduce the size of the second partition "EXT4" to "512MB" if your memory card is less than "8GB", you don't intend to install too many apps or you want to save storage space for movies, hands or others.
13. Wait till partition is done.
14. Connect your phone to your pc or laptop and restore your data.


1. Download and install Link2SD.
2. Launch or open Link2SD and grant Link2SD Superuser access.
3. Select "ext" as the file system of the second permission.
4. Link2SD will prompt you to reboot your phone.
5. Reboot your phone.
6. launch or open Link2SD and tap on the filter icon i.e funnel icon and select "user".
7. Tap on the first or left soft panel and select "multi-select".
8. Select all the apps you want to link excluding superuser, Link2SD, system apps and any other app you don't want to link.
9. select "Action", "Create link" and then on the next screen select Link "application file", "Link dalvik-cache file", and "link library files". You can also tap on details to verify apps you linking.
10. Select "OK".
11. Link2SD will move all the apps you selected to the second partition of your SD card and craete a link connecting your internal memory to the second partition.
12. Tap "OK" when done.
13. Tap on the first or left soft panel, select settings and select Auto link, Auto link notifications, Relink lib & dex files at boot, Fast Scroll and then then select the three boxes in Auto link settings.
14. You can check your phone partition and memory card details by Taping on the first or left soft panel and select "Storage Info"  to verify changes.
Congratulations your applications are now linked to your partitioned space.

NOTE:Anytime you get low memory message usually after a reboot just launch or open Link2SD, filter linked apps, multi-select and relink apps or you can just reboot your phone.

Warning: DO not link any system app, Link2SD, Superuser and maybe your launcher app if it is is not the system's default that is used as default.

This tutorial was written originally by I based on my own first hand experience but inspired by the work of others. I commend the effort of those who ported ClockworkMOD Recovery to Tecno N3 & P3 and just like matter knowledge can be transformed into different forms.
I welcome suggestions and observations and will be pleased to get your feedback.


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